Our Drinks

Our name gives it away, yes we sell coffee and lots of it! Great coffee has been at the heart of our growing success. We currently focus on two core coffee products; our delicately roasted three bean blend house blend from Brazil, Costa Rica, and Indonesia and our truly delicious decaffeinated Swiss Water Brazil. Many people wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference between the two!

Most importantly, we make all of our products using superior equipment combined with a healthy dose of passion from our wonderful teams. This means that we can ensure the best quality and customer experience from start to finish.

Passionate about drinks

Not only are we experts at making speciality coffee but we offer many other delicious drinks.

We believe in quality products and value for money. To give the best experience for our customers we serve a wide range of tasty loose leaf teas. These include the classic English Breakfast Tea along with herbal, fruity, hot or iced. We’re pretty sure we have it all.

It doesn’t stop there, our selection of indulgent hot chocolate flavours and milkshakes are a treat to behold. For a more refreshing fix our exotic mango, strawberry and mixed fruits Iced Coolers are sure to quench your thirst. We aim to have something for everyone.

We might be introducing millionaires shortbread, would you like to see it?

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Iced Tea to cool you down?

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Our Beef and Onion Barm is available in all stores. Bread from a local baker, meat from for a local butchers, homemade mustard mayo sauce and made fresh daily by our central kitchen. Yum!

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What makes our food better than the rest? We use premium, locally sourced ingredients that are prepared with love in our central kitchen, and delivered daily to ensure quality and freshness every time!

Fun Fact:
Did you know we sell on average 800 teacakes per week!! Why not pop in and enjoy one yourself!

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Though the pandemic gave us some very large challenges, it also gave us the time and opportunity to update our website, and just in time for our 10th birthday!

With the help of @cunningplanmarketing we redesigned our site to give a more user friendly and interactive experience. We hope you like it!


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Our unique three-bean house blend is guaranteed to satisfy the palate ☕️

Have you tried our coffee? How does it compare to others?! Let us know in the comments!

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Happy Birthday to us!

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This past decade has been no bed of roses. There have been many ups and downs, with challenges that have sometimes felt never-ending and even at points terminal. More recently, we have all suffered and had to endure the effects of the pandemic. The Coffee House, like many other businesses, has constantly been adapting to the changing restrictions. We have thankfully been fortunate and believe we will make it through and thrive for many years to come.

When we think back to those early negotiations with our first prospective landlord, there were already great lessons. Business is about building relationships. It is about trust, honesty, respect, and often putting others ahead of ourselves. We have made mistakes, and some we are not proud of, but what's important is that we have learned from every single one and tried to do better next time. Without our first landlords, Eric and Bridget, taking that chance on us, at the tender ages of only 24, we do not doubt that The Coffee House would not be what it is today. We will be forever grateful for the chances that these two individuals took on what would become a decade-old business.

The list of individuals that we would want to thank is endless. We have worked with many great people over the past ten years and served millions of customers. All of whom contributed to the story in their unique ways.

So thank you to everyone, both present, and past, who have taken part in this journey. We look forward to the next decade of changing the way people eat, drink and relax within their local communities.

Best Wishes

Chris & Ste

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